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Following the Covid-19 outbreak which has affected the globe and our country, the private hospitals have been declared as pandemic hospitals. For this reason and to prevent the pandemic from spreading even further, the citizens are visiting the hospitals only in emergencies. Private Medicabil Hospital has launched an “online doctor appointment” system for those who cannot visit one. With the application the patients can have video appointments with the doctors of Private Medicabil Hospital in all branches to get consultation on their medical problems.

Video Calls with Doctors

The patients, first, make an online appointment via Medicabil smartphone application, Medicabil’s website or call center. Then, the appointment takes place over video call on the date and time identified by the hospital. Within the scope of the application, which has received huge interest from the citizens, the doctors also offer on demand medical examination services at the patients’ homes in case of need. With this application, the authorities of Private Medicabil Hospital visit the patient to get blood sample in cases where blood and laboratory tests are required for diagnosis. As for the cases in which physical examination or radiology services are required, the patients are invited to the hospital to get necessary examinations made in person.

The Interest to the Application Is a Positive Sign Sharing his takeaway on the Online Doctor application, Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Bilgen, M.D., Chair of Board of Directors of Private Medicabil Hospital, said, ”We want to provide each of our citizens with all of our health services. So, we launched this app for those who cannot visit our hospital in person. The interest shown to this application has been a positive sign for us. We, with our team of specialist, are working tirelessly to provide our patients with the best quality service.”

Mentioning that the citizens living abroad have also shown a great interest to the online doctor application, Prof. Dr. Bilgen, M.D. has concluded by emphasizing that Private Medicabil Hospital is taking solid steps towards “becoming a quality health care provider that is accessible to those who need on the national and international scale” which is one of the founding missions of the hospital.

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Prof.Dr. Ömer Faruk Bilgen 1957 yılında Mersin’in Tarsus ilçesinde doğdu. Evli ve 2 kız babası olan Prof.Dr. Ömer Faruk Bilgen 1981 yılında İstanbul Üniversitesi Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi’nden mezun oldu.

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